What conditions do you treat?

     Because so many conditions and symptoms are interrelated, I feel comfortable treating many conditions. I have a special interest in GI conditions (gastroparesis, IBS, GERD), the cardiovascular system, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune conditions, and hormone imbalances.  I am also familiar with patients who have a history of nutrition support (tube feeds and/or TPN). 

What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?  

     A registered dietitian (RD) is required to graduate from an accredited dietetics program, complete an accredited internship (at least 900 hours), pass a national exam, and complete 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years. An RD is allowed to use the title nutritionist (such as Registered Dietitian Nutritionist), but most "nutritionists" are not held to the same standards of learning or training as registered dietitians. 

Which types of clients do you not see? 

     Clients with active eating disorders. In addition, some dietitians are highly specialized or hold advanced certifications in certain areas such as weight management, diabetes, or cancer, so you may feel more comfortable with a specialist if those are your primary concerns.  

Do you offer sliding scale fees?

      Yes, I offer reduced-rate sessions in certain circumstances; please reach out to find out more.